Case Studies

Some of the case studies highlighting Tempus Novo have a unique and successful model.


Simon Wallage

It was during a visit to HMP Wealstun before Christmas that Simon bumped in to Val and I. We were on I wing talking to the officer about TN when Simon approached us and he was keen to know the purpose of our visit. We explained about TN and he instantly asked if we could help him.

Having locked Simon up several times over the years and knowing he is someone who is personable and hard working , we gave him a business card and told him to get in touch. This he did while he was on home leave at Christmas time and we booked him in for interview. Mid January he came to our office and on the 8/2/16 he started in full time employment at KTSwire. Now that he is earning a salary he can look after his family and he is looking forward to spoiling his grandchildren.

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Brian heard about Tempus Novo from his probation officer Austin and immediately got in touch. Having previously served in the Armed Forces, hard work was not a problem to Brian, he just needed someone to believe in him and see past his criminal record.

The same day he was interviewed by Tempus Novo we secured him an interview with one of our corporate partners. That was on the Wednesday, by the following Monday he had started in fulltime paid employment. Brian attended our team meeting recently where he told the trustees "You did for me in less than a week what the job centre couldn’t do in four years and for that I will be eternally grateful."



15 years ago Paul was involved in a fight which resulted in a fatality. Prior to this he had no criminal convictions and was a hard working citizen. The fight was as a result of drink on both sides, and escalated from a pointless argument. Paul was sent to prison for several years and as you might expect served his sentence as a model prisoner. He undertook many qualifications in preparation for his release in the hope he could one day put them to good use. Once released and residing in a hostel, he bumped in to Tony (ex-offender and Tempus Novo ambassador)who explained it might be worthwhile him making contact with us. A month on and Paul is settling in well to his new job, where his employers are impressed with his attitude and work ethic.

Faizal and Neil


Six months ago Faizal approached Tempus Novo wanting help to set up his own business. Not really our area but wanting to help , Val put him onto Neil (our Area Manager for Calderdale) who through his endless contacts found a local organisation prepared to talk to Faizal.

Many meetings and phone calls later Faizal is now the proud owner of his own Barbers shop in Halifax. This just goes to show what can be achieved when the right organisations collaborate and have that winning mentality.

Over those months, Neil has mentored Faizal to help him focus, often meeting him for a coffee to keep him informed on developments and encouraging him to stay positive. A former prison Governor once said to me "there is usually a significant other" in the journey to desistance. I would argue Neil has played that role for Faizal.

Words don’t do this piece of work justice but I guess the best way to describe it is quite simply "Life Changing".

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