Case Studies

Meet some proud Tempus Novo graduates


Shamas is working at Clipper Logistics plc. He has been at Clipper for over a year and has shown he has a great work ethic and loyalty. He started work whilst still serving his sentence, through the Release on Temporary License Scheme (ROTL). This meant that during the day, he went to work at Clipper and at night he would return to prison 

Throughout his time on ROTL and even before he was workingShamas was determined to do well, but he knew that finding a job even without a criminal conviction would be difficult, never mind with one. He was facing an uphill battle until he was introduced to Tempus Novo. He was successful at interview with Tempus Novo and assigned a case worker who then mentored him through the first 6 months of his employment.  

Shamas has proven that his past is exactly thatthe past and he has grasped this opportunity so well he’s now been promoted to Training Champion. In his new role, he oversees the training of all new recruits and he has already expressed his love for his new role. He said: “I love this new role! I have more responsibility and it’s a step up, I would love to go further here at Clipper. The opportunities are there. I can see it. I have seen it happen here, other people have come in and climbed the ranks fast and I know I can do that.” 

He is ambitious and tells us that he plans to get as high as he can at Clipper. He believes the opportunities are there to progress within the company as he sees the way Clipper support everyone regardless of their backgroundHe sees his future at Clipper and believes this is just the start of a wonderful new life. One where he is made to feel worthy, where he has self-respect, structure, purpose and can feel proud of his contribution to society. 


Faisal approached Tempus Novo upon release from prison in 2019 after hearing about us through a friend. When we first met Faisal, he was living in a hostel and adjusting to life outside of the prison walls. However during his first appointment he really showed us how keen he was just to get a chance to work for a company and gain some experience. Faisal has been working for one of our partner companies for a number of months now, has moved into his own flat, and has widened his skillset massively since that first appointment. He said that work had given him something to focus on and channel his energy into whilst getting back on his feet.

Tempus Novo are so proud of Faisal’s continuous development and will continue to support him within his employment.

“My life is in my hands and with the direction Tempus Novo gave me my life has new direction”


Tony has now been in work since December 2017 and is delighted to be able to support his family. Tony is passionate about a job been the most significant contributing factor to keeping him out of crime, but more than that it gives him the structure and stability to go from strength to strength.

He says it best himself this video: Take a look!


One of our very first graduates Tom approached us while in custody back in 2013. Although it was his first time in prison he would still face the same barrier on release of having a conviction when trying to find work. Upon release we secured him a fulltime job at a wool scouring plant in Bradford where he stayed for two and a half years. He left this employment on good terms as he needed something nearer home, and went on to work in one of our partner businesses more suited to his location.

His partner and young daughter are his entire world and he is eternally grateful for the life changing opportunity both the employer and Tempus Novo have given him. He is enjoying spending quality time with his family and says he feels more confident for the future.


Since coming out of prison Faizal has been desperate to stay out of trouble. Thanks to some tremendous support from his caseworker Neil, he has now been working as a self-employed barber since way back in 2016. He has passed his driving test and even got married since coming out of prison, and his wedding day was one he was proud to invite with his former Tempus Novo caseworker Neil to share in.


It is great to be able to report that Simon is still in work some 3 and a half years after first approaching us for help. He keeps in touch even now and is always pleased to tell us about the quality time he spends with his children and grandchildren. He is still enjoying going to work and benefits from a new circle of friends, a regular salary, but the thing he is most grateful for is that he is now a good role model to his children and grandchildren.

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