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Leeds and the West Yorkshire area in general, has one of the highest rates of burglary in the country, and given the significant number of burglaries one offender can commit, the cost saving benefits for addressing a particular type of crime are substantial.

We have made some calculations to emphasise the impact Tempus Novo has working with one individual over the course of just 1 month.

Numbers based on a Prolific & Priority Offender [PPO] Burglar Average

  • Cost of a burglary ~ £3,925
  • Estimated Offences per week ~ 7
  • Estimated Cost per week ~ £27,475
  • A four week crime spree would cost approximately ~ £109,900

Factor in the prison cost of a 12month sentence at £35,000 per annum and the potential savings are significant.

To highlight further the potential savings: of the first 71 offenders we placed in to employment, they had a combined 1079 convictions and 1861 offences. At £65,000 per conviction this equates to £70.1 million worth of crime! Since engaging with Tempus Novo this same cohort now have only 71 convictions and 198 offences, a staggering reduction of over 90%.

With over 50 years combined experience working with offenders of all backgrounds and abilities, the Tempus Novo team have developed a considerable understanding of what it takes for offenders to step away from criminal activities. The underlying theme for most is a poor start to life and the lack of sustainable work.

From this we have been able to create a bespoke and personalised development programme with a view to sourcing full time permanent employment. Tempus Novo is committed to working with a minimum of 10% PPO’s.

We now know that this untapped employment resource makes a significant contribution to the West Yorkshire Region, both socially and financially.

Our Impact Measurement Data shows that of those offenders we have/are working with a total of 50,000 days out of custody and 25,300 days in work have accummulated (July 2017).

Working together to make lasting economic and social impact, IT MAKES SENSE!

*Costs sourced from the unit costs of crime used in Integrated Offender Management Value For Money Toolkit 2011

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