A Message From Tony.

by Steve Freer

A Message From Tony.

“Just want to say a big thank you to you and your team and also thank you for the great work Tempus Novo does in helping ex offenders like myself get back in to employment

Call me naive but I thought I would easily get a job on release from custody given my work history but how wrong I was

If it wasn’t for organisations such as Tempus Novo then lads like me would be signing on and waking up every day with no motivation or structure in their life

Getting a job at Clipper was a god send given the fact I will get a wage before Christmas

I think it’s brilliant that Clipper as a company have given not only me but other ex offenders a chance to get their life back on track

I’ve been with Clipper about 3 weeks now and everything is going well I’m getting extra hours in and I’m in a good team so I will only improve and progress given the opportunity

Thanks again and please pass this message on to Steve,Val and the rest of the Tempus Novo team”