A simple well done goes a long way 

We at Tempus Novo make sure that we keep in touch with our graduates even during the current crisis.  

A simple well done or good job can go a long way, especially for people who have never heard this before.  

That’s one of the things that makes us so unique. We actively support our graduates through at least the first 6 months in their new job.  

In the first month we offer a large amount of support with risk assessments, calls and catch-ups weekly and accompanying the graduate to their interviews.  

Before they are set to start work, we make sure they have travel sorted for their commutes and can get to and from work okay.  

After this, we have regular catch-ups with the graduate to make sure they’re happy in their role and how they are getting on.  

As well as this, we make sure to congratulate our graduates for maintaining their employment.  

The CEO, Steve Freer and MD, Val Wawrosz, regularly send letters out to graduates who are impressing through hard work and loyalty in their jobs.  

Many of our partners find that our graduates are among the hardest working and most loyal employees they have. 

Martin Rourke, Head of Operations at Beerhawk, said: “The graduates’ work ethic, how they have integrated and fitted in with the team is first rate. It bodes really well for the future and we will continue to take on willing graduates.” 

 You can have the confidence in our graduates the same way we are confident they will go on to work hard and give back to you, for giving them the chance to prove themselves. 

If you want to get involved with Tempus Novo as an employer, volunteer or if you’re looking for work with a criminal conviction, please get in touch