Helping to keep the nation fed, reducing crime, reducing victims, more people in work – what’s not to like? 

We are delighted that three more professionally risk assessed service users have secured employment thanks to some outstanding work from the team. Despite the challenges Covid 19 has presented team TN came up with innovative new ways of working to produce yet more “lifechanging opportunities”. 

We have started working with Culina Logistics who were looking for good people to work in their chilled food warehouse. After visiting Culina we were happy that any candidates we put forward would be in a caring environment (even a delivery man we bumped into couldn’t praise the business enough!)

Culina approached us after hearing about our successful partnership with Clipper Logistics. Having heard from Clippers CEO Tony Manix how well our people had done in his business, they were keen to find out more. 

After receiving a number of referrals from probation teams in Staffordour staff travelled to Culina HQ to conduct assessments and risk assess the graduates. 

Staff worked tirelessly to ensure that although the service users couldn’t interview in the usual way, they still had a chance of getting the positions. They therefore conducted the interviews using our new social distancing measures and used video conferencing on a laptop from our caseworkers’ car.  

It is a real credit to the candidates how they have responded so far and if they continue to show this level of dedication, they have every chance of becoming the positive role models in society we all want to see. 

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