HMP Leeds & Tempus Novo

A partnership supporting the Governments Employment Strategy and Reducing Reoffending.

Tempus Novo have installed two prominent  “golf style” banners in a key position inside HMP Leeds. Advertising as such isn’t permitted within the prison but the TN initiative has had such a positive impact, the Prison Governor was keen to spread the word.

Prison has to be full of ‘Do Not’s’ in order to maintain order. These banners are a positive, hopeful message that intend to encourage change. Tempus Novo hasn’t engaged in any advertising or PR in the past, using word of mouth and the good old fashioned business card. Our ethos is to rely on attraction rather than promotion.

The intention is to raise awareness in the prison that there is help out there for those that have had the light bulb moment and want to change, or at least plant a seed of hope in those that don’t have any.

Our door is always open… and it’s literally on their door step!