Peter’s Story

Tempus Novo are going the extra mile to support their service users through the pandemic.

Tempus Novo are proud to be helping our service users by supplying some of them with bikes so they can travel and get exercise.  

Exercise is more important than ever for our physical and mental health and we are proud to be playing our part. 

A number of our service users have benefitted from cycles in the past for travelling to and from work.  

However, as several of our service users have been trapped at home, we wanted to do something and make a difference.  

Therefore, we have made a couple of special deliveries. Peter has benefitted from one of these. 

Not only does this mean he can get to and from work when they begin operating again, he can use it now to increase his quality of life. 

This has been almost life-changing for Peter who was struggling during the lockdown – with no way to get around 

As our commitments to our service-users grow during this pandemic, we keep their happiness and confidence in the upmost importance.  

As Peter enjoys his new bike, we are happy to have helped someone else in a less typical but very important way.  

Our support goes above and beyond that of many other likeminded organisations and we pride ourselves on the tireless efforts of our team in keeping our support level so high. 

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