Tempus Novo graduates among essential workforce

Tempus Novo is proud that a number of our graduates are part of the essential workforce helping to keep supermarket shelves stocked.

Clipper Selby is currently working in the food logistics sector, ensuring the transport of food across the country to supermarkets.

A number of our graduates from HMP Hatfield are working at Clipper during this crisis, giving back to society.

Their hard work and loyalty is a testament to themselves and the way they’re handling this crisis and working harder than ever makes us extremely proud.

Tempus Novo CEO, Steve Freer, said: “At these extremely difficult times, we at Tempus Novo are proud to be playing our part in supplying some of the essential workforce.

“Our partnership with Clipper plc and HMP Hatfield continues to see men released into vital jobs. Many of these are at warehouses which provide goods to the food industry, helping to keep the supermarket shelves stocked.

“Special thanks to Governor Mick Mills who despite huge pressures running the prison, continues to support the community.”


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