Together stronger!

We would like to say a massive thank you to HMPrison Hatfield for their continued support.

Our work at Tempus Novo is often very challenging. You might think that challenge always comes from the ex-offender, but often not.

In a recent case, Andrew who currently resides at Hatfield prison, had been selected to work at Clipper plc but was struggling to get all the necessary paperwork sorted. It didn’t help that the Covid-19 pandemic broke, meaning lockdown at the prison.

Yet thanks to an extraordinary effort by his TN caseworker, the HR team at Clipper plc and the prison staff, he starts his induction this week, and will commence fulltime paid work on the 13th April.

Special thanks must go to Custodial Manager Mick Lowther and Prison Officer Faye as without their efforts this “lifechanging” opportunity simply would not have happened.

We at Tempus Novo can’t thank those staff involved enough, as Andrew now has the opportunity to build a new life and have a fresh start on release. One where he can feel a part of mainstream society and in which he can provide for his family.