Tempus Novo

Mark Burns-Williamson came to see how we are spending the money he donated to our charity, and went away pleased he is getting value for money. Working with just one repeat offender the way Tempus Novo does saves the UK taxpayer 100s of thousands of pounds and also reduces the number of victims significantly.

When you consider one Prolific Offender will commit several burglaries per day and it costs you the taxpayer £4k per burglary, the overall cost to society soon mounts up. The relationship we have with the local police at hmp Leeds allows us together to identify and work with those prolific offenders who with the right level of support could succeed in a life away from crime. Employment is often what makes it possible for the offender to stay away from crime for the long term.

Without an income it is almost impossible for most people to survive, and ex offenders will revert to the only way they know how “crime”.