Tempus Novo

Today marked the start of a new forum for getting recruitment right in the North of England. Several business leaders came together to discuss the pro’s and con’s of recruiting ex-offenders in to their workforce, and to share their experiences of how it works for their organisations.

Held at the headquarters of HX2 Maintenance Services LTD in Halifax, Tempus Novo was able to hear first hand how crucial the recruitment process is to business owners, and just how time consuming and costly it is when you employ the wrong person.

Ian Harrison, Director of Pennine Pneumatic Services commented:
“it is very difficult trying to find young hardworking people and we are grateful to Tempus Novo for finding us two guys that fit that description and live locally”.

Paddy Fitzgibon, owner of HX2 commented:
“Appearance and teamwork are important to us at HX2 and if you could find us a young person who isn’t familiar with Facebook or social media even better”.

Chris Horner, Finance Director at Pulmans Steel commented:
“The ex-offender we took on (Jimmy) is a pleasure to have around. He comes to work with a smile on his face, gets on with a hard days work and goes home with a smile on his face”.

Neil Davidson, Calderdale Area Manager for Tempus Novo commented:
“If we are to create more and more employment opportunities for ex-offenders then we need to listen to those who are openminded and entrepreneurial enough to give them a second chance, and learn from their experiences. This is the first of many employers forums and we hope to grow the number of employers interested in recruiting through Tempus Novo with every one. We have come away from todays meeting with some very useful advice from the employers on what they look for in a great employee. We will incorporate this in to our recruitment process for the future and hopefully improve the chance of longterm success for both client and employer”.