Tempus Novo

I believe our society should do more to support positive initiatives to encourage the rehabilitation of prisoners. We should create more chances for people who have been in jail to make a positive contribution to the workforce.
Branson’s advice to small businesses with a handful of employees is that many people – including ex-offenders – who are given positions above their normal expectations, excel. “At Virgin we had a cleaning lady who ended up running our studio division and a switchboard operator ended up running our charity in Canada. Giving people positions above what they would expect, they will do everything to prove themselves.”

For people coming out of prison it’s a vicious circle. If they can’t get a job, the only thing they can do is reoffend. From society’s point of view that can be very painful.”
If many more companies could engage with the Tempus Novo model then many more ex-offenders would be able to find a purpose in life, worthwhile employment and everyone would benefit.