Tempus Novo

Thanks to our president we featured in a great article , here is a small part of it:

Of all the prison charities I try to help, the one which fills me with greatest hope is Tempus Novo – founded and run by two Yorkshire prison officers to work in rehabilitation on both sides of the prison walls. Steve Freer and Val Wawrosz between them have fifty years of uniformed service as POs, most of it in tough nicks like Wormwood Scrubs and Armley. Tired of being turnkeys they now mentor young men on their wings at HMP Leeds who want to go straight.

Then they approach local businesses in the Leeds-Bradford-Halifax area and persuade employers, sometimes with Geoffrey Boycott-style bluntness, to give their lads a second chance. In one year Steve and Val have found forty jobs for their offenders on release. Tempus Novo’s reoffending rate is a stunningly low 14 per cent. The cost of this voluntary operation has been a mere £30,000. It is being cheered on by local employers, councils, police commissioners and by an enthusiastic Prisons Minister Andrew Selous MP who wants to roll out the scheme nationally.