Tempus Novo

We are always looking for support in what we are trying to achieve and so when someone like Richard Branson comes out and publicly endorses your cause, it is truly inspirational.

Anyone who understands repeat offenders knows that the best chance of them breaking the cycle of crime is to be employed. Employment gives them many things not least a sense of purpose and identity, but also structure and most importantly money to put food on the table. The vast majority 87% in fact claim a job would be the single biggest factor in helping them move away from crime.

We have to remember that most of these people have never had anyone to look up to and their parents have been in and out of prison, so to expect them to lead law-abiding lives and participate in mainstream society is to be deluded. We are all influenced by our immediate surroundings and those who have the biggest influence are usually our parents and friends we grow up with, if those people are all criminals in and out of prison then it doesn’t take a genius to work out their likely path in life.

After 30years of locking these people up and seeing how they so desperately want a chance to be accepted by society as hardworking, honest tax paying human beings and to be able to help to provide that opportunity is truly a privilege.

It is thanks to people like Richard Branson and those local employers who work with Tempus Novo we are able to provide the opportunities to literally change lives!