Tempus Novo

Looking forward to working with JJB and the Rhino’s Foundation in the new year. Together with the police we will be running a rugby school for some of the more chaotic people in our local community who see prison as an occupational hazard, including several serving prisoners. The programme will incorporate many of the life skills you and I practise naturally in our every day life, but which are alien to these guys.

Many of the offenders who end up in prison don’t set out to cause misery to their victims and indeed have often had a poor start to life. Of those we work with a large percentage have had no parenting or role model growing up and in fact see Armley Jail as familiar surroundings, as this was just somewhere they visited Dad and to them is normal life.
Ask yourself the question : Had you have been born in to a household where mum and dad were in and out of prison and drugs were readily available is it likely you would have say considered going to University? No me neither !!

This programme is designed to show the lads there is an alternative to crime and prison and that with the right life skills you can achieve in life. They will learn discipline, teamwork, respect and self respect amongst other things and see that actually everyone has a place in society but you have to work hard and earn respect, then in turn doors will open.