Tempus Novo

An evaluation of our first 40 ex-offenders placed in to employment has revealed the following incredible statistics:

  1. Between them they had 750 convictions.
  2. One conviction costs the taxpayer £13000.00.

A total cost to society (and only in monetary terms) of £9.750000.00

  1. They had racked up 1288 (known) offences. That is 1288 victims!

  2. Since working with TN these same 40 ex-offenders have committed 10 offences.

A reduction in crime of 99.25%, fewer victims, less people in prison, less police time, safer streets and a better future for their next generations!

This is NOT a soft option, it is a SENSIBLE option. Trust me I’ve spent 30 years locking up prisoners or warehousing as can best be described. This is a much better alternative….