Tempus Novo

A recent evaluation report has revealed some very interesting developments.

  1. Several of our graduates have now moved on to other employment successfully. The mentoring they get from Tempus Novo has certainly helped with the transition.
  2. The number of either Prolific and Priority Offenders or Multi Agency Public Protection cases we have worked with to date is 56%.
  3. Our cohort have clocked up a saving in prison costs of £1.8 Million.
  4. The retention rate in work is a respectable 65%.
  5. A total of 11255 days or 30.8 years has been clocked up in work, with all the associated savings or contributions to our economy.

The Tempus Novo model is all about personal, bespoke and sustainable and I think our figures support this, although we will be striving to improve them. The fact our cohort has included 56% of the more complex and chaotic cases, gives me good cause to believe we can and will improve our service overall.