Tempus Novo

30th of June 2016 will see all sides of the criminal justice system brought together in one room and in very different circumstances. Uniquely everyone will be there in support of a common cause, to create an alternative life to that of crime and prison.

Understanding that many people are not given the best of starts in life, maybe with dad in and out of prison (that’s if dad is still on the scene?) and mum struggling in any way she can to survive, maybe living in poverty and surrounded by people to who crime is just part of everyday life and accepted as a way of life.

Now ask yourself where you might be had you been given those same set of circumstances? It is extremely unlikely that at the age of 16 you will wake up and decide to go to university.

Here is we believe a good reason to help, as lots of these people make up the prison population and without an alternative like Tempus Novo they have only one way to make money to put food on the table.

It’s not rocket science but it’s a real problem for our society.