Tempus Novo

Well now I’ve had time to reflect I can share with you some of the evenings events. Kicked off by our president Jonathan Aitken telling the audience in his unique style, a little about his life as an ex-offender and how only he can tell it, he had the audience spellbound.

Followed by Neil from Tempus Novo interviewing Faizal. This was a great story of someone who has transferred the skills he was taught in prison to the working world. He now (largely thanks to Neil his mentor) has a good life ahead of him.

Next up Val and I (the founders) who in our usual way, made it up as we went along and it seemed to work ok. Then a few of the STARS or our ex-offender graduates as we call them, to hear about their journey from cell door to shop floor and how Tempus Novo has helped to change their lives.(powerful stuff)

We were extremely fortunate to have well wishing video’s from former England Rugby Coach Stuart Lancaster and Sir Lenny Henry. Both saying how if you follow your dreams you can achieve whatever you like, but you have to go and get it, it don’t come to you.

Then we had Jacob Hill (former entrepreneur of the year and former offender). Jacob is working closely with Tempus Novo and returned to his former life as a professional speaker which was very well received. In true Jacob style he had a slide showing **Sir Richard Branson** "pretending" to cut his electronic tag off. Only out of prison 4 weeks and already networking at the highest levels.

Feedback has been really positive and we even had a high court Judge in our audience. A brilliant night attended by several of our graduates and their families who were made to feel especially welcome by all. The evening was a celebration of how well the graduates are doing and proved beyond doubt that ex-offenders have a place in society.