Tempus Novo

It will come as no great surprise to those criminal justice experts reading this, but a large percentage of our customers from in prison have had an awful start in life. Many of them had parents who were no strangers to the police and prisons, didn’t attend school and sadly ended up in the care system where they were abused.

This isn’t my "poor little Jonny story" these are facts! To sit opposite someone telling you how at the age of 5 or 6 they were abandoned by their parents and then failed (at best) by the care system, it really is no wonder they ended up on drugs and committing crime to feed their habit. Sadly I hear this time and time again. But the good news is we now have a charity which supports their transformation (those who want to change) and here at TN we are doing our bit to offer hope and in many cases "real life-changing opportunities through employment".

This may seem unusual, a softly softly approach from someone who has locked up Charlie Bronson several times, barked orders on the landings to hardened criminals both in Wormwood Scrubs (some I.R.A) and in Armley in the 80’s when it was known to be harsh (less said…..) yet had I had the unfortunate start some of these people had, then my best guess is I could well have ended up where they have.