Tempus Novo

Paul arrived for interview late, not a good start. However when we delved deeper as to why, we found out he is in fact living in a house where his mum is on drugs, his dad an alcoholic and his brother too.
The house has only 2 bedrooms and these are occupied by his father and brother, and unbelievably Paul sleeps on the settee and shares that with his mum. Is there any wonder he was late? Paul is a recovering drug addict recently out of prison.
Despite been surrounded by all of this, he has made the brave decision to try to improve his life and has started by coming to Tempus Novo to help him with employment. Although we don’t have any work to suit him right now we felt there were things he could do now to help the situation. One of these is to get out walking or cycling to be away from the negative surroundings at home. So on our advice and with our help he picked up a bike. We also bought him a mobile phone as he was struggling to keep in touch with us.
Hopefully this is the start of Paul’s new life……….