Tempus Novo

16th September 2016 was a very special day for Tempus Novo as we hosted the Chief Constable. Dee Collins spent the afternoon meeting the team based at HMP Leeds, including some of her own staff who work alongside us as police Integrated Offender Managers, Pete, Kev and John.

It was great for her to see how well the partnership works when challenging some of the most prolific offenders in the region to move away from crime, and that when those agencies involved work closely and with purpose it makes a real difference.

She also took in a local employer Winderpower where CEO Laurence Mackenzie told the Chief how it benefits his business supporting Tempus Novo. Laurence has taken on three ex-offenders and the fourth is due to start on Monday. He explained how one of the guys he took from TN turned out to be arguably "the best employee" he had hired.

We introduced Dee to one of our graduates Daniel who is starting work at Timpsons on the 26th September and she heard just how excited he is about this "life changing opportunity".