Tempus Novo

The 7/10/16 was a good day for the governments rehabilitation of offenders agenda, as key partners in crime reduction came together to witness some of our work and see examples in the flesh as to just what is possible. Four of our graduates attended and shared their life stories with an audience including local M.Ps, The High Sheriff of West Yorkshire Chris Brown, and Chief Inspector Dickie Whitehead of Calderdale.
To hear the graduates speak about how without TN and partners helping them, they would likely be residing in prison is very powerful indeed. There is no greater motivator to make you want to help to change even more lives than listening to those that have experienced our “life changing” programme before. To hear how much they appreciate it is quite humbling, but also encouraging from the point of view of our employer partners who will in most cases benefit from a loyal and hardworking employee.

It is satisfying for example to see such as the police speaking to some of our graduates and shaking their hands to congratulate them, rather than placing them in handcuffs.

It’s wonderful to see the probation (caseworker) of these graduates smiling and seeing how their input has helped along the way to their new and crime free life.

Prison personnel can feel optimistic that there is hope for some of those currently incarcerated and take this back to their establishments.

This work really is about partnerships, even down to the officer on the landing who signposts someone to us at the beginning.
Where we are different is in tracking the graduates progress for 12m and sharing the journey with all involved, whatever the outcome.