Tempus Novo

One of our graduates had been off work under suspension, after having an altercation with fellow workers. A former Prolific offender with absolutely no structure to his life, Richard would certainly never have faced this situation before.
After a conversation with both Richard and his employer we decided to go along and support him (and the employer) in the hearing. We wanted to be sure he acted professionally understood the process and that the employer had some support should he become agitated and abusive.(after all in his previous life he would likely have resorted to abuse and possibly violence when challenged at this level)

In short he kept his job and returned to work the next day. Richard has come from a life of poverty and crime, hence he was a prolific offender and the police team who used to manage him are doing cartwheels at his progress.

Having been in work some 6 months now and with reports back that he is one of the hardest workers in his department, it would have been a shame for everyone had he have lost his job.
Thanks to Steve Crosby his mentor for accompanying him in what is a first for Tempus Novo and helping to manage the situation to a successful conclusion. Thanks also to the company for your support and transparency at a very difficult time.