Tempus Novo

Five years ago Jake was working in the Print Studio at HMP Leeds, where Val Co-founder of TN was an instructor. Serving an 8 year sentence he needed to knuckle down and try to turn a negative into a positive. His skillset and work ethic were of a high standard but he wanted to build on that and often spoke about trying to find employment in I.T on his release. At the same time Val and I were looking for ways to get TN off the ground.
It just so happened I knew his offender supervisor and could help to map his sentence with him. Part of that would be to transfer Jake to HMP The Wolds, where I knew they had by far the best I.T marketing business in the country, in part run by highly trained serving offenders.
In short Jake did transfer to The Wolds and since his release in September of this year he has been employed by the same company Summit Media of Hull.
It was great to catch up with him yesterday, see him looking so well and to reminisce about the first Tempus Novo brochure he put together for us all that time ago in HMP Leeds Print Studio. We have both overcome some major barriers since then and proved that with the right vision, determination and a positive attitude you can achieve your dreams!