Tempus Novo

Stephen who has in fact graduated beyond the usual 12m support from TN, recently found himself struggling again. Having worked for 15m without any major issues, never late and not a day off, sadly his marriage then broke down and he suddenly found himself with no home, and no family around him. He went missing from work and the company alerted us to this, so we could use our police contacts to find him. It turned out he was living rough for a few days but didn’t want to tell us as he was too embarrassed and ashamed. He thought all was lost and contemplated self harming, as he couldn’t face losing his family again. With nowhere to go he turned to his friend from his previous life and things spiralled out of control from there as he started using heroin again.
Then two weeks on he turned up at work, he looked dreadful had no money for food and was asking for help. His manager contacted us and we headed straight there to speak to him and hopefully put a plan in place to save him from going back to the inevitable life of crime and prison. Or even worse finding him dead with a needle in his arm.
It was agreed that subject to Stephen attending a drug treatment programme and passing regular drug tests he would be allowed back to work and with support from Tempus Novo.
Week one has gone well as far as work is concerned, only time will tell now, but at least he has a job providing an income and can build one step at a time from there.