Tempus Novo

For those of you who have heard of Simon Sinek I’m sure you will agree he is inspirational. Simon is an author, speaker and consultant who writes on leadership and management, and he is someone who has inspired the team here at Tempus Novo from day one.
He has a theory that if you start with “WHY” you do what you do and build this in to your company values, you will more likely succeed. Here at Tempus Novo we buy in to this and practice it on a daily basis through our employers and employees. It can be described in many ways but here are a few “WHY’s” we here at TN do what we do:

1.We want to see peoples lives changed for the better.
2.We believe all our graduates deserve a hand up (not a hand out).
3.We are helping to make our community safer and more prosperous.
4.To change just one of our graduates lives by supporting them directly, we know this is likely to impact positively on their children and children’s children.
5.Our model helps to break the cycle of crime which so many repeat offenders are living in,and often due to a poor start in life.
6.It reduces crime and victims, and the burden on the taxpayer.

Essentially we do what we do because “we care” and have “a passion” to see real change!