Tempus Novo

This latest report of October 2016 highlights the need for more joined up and seamless working with offenders. Pages 8 and 48 are of particular interest, as these explain that of the sample researched NONE of the offenders went in to employment!

The report also criticises the lack of innovation from the CRC’s (community rehabilitation companies).

It is particularly pleasing then to be able to be part of a programme which puts both these right. By focusing on jobs we continue to find sustainable employment for our graduates and working “in partnership” with Purple Futures we are piloting new and innovative ways of working, in order to reduce reoffending and make our streets safer.

2017 is an exciting time here in West Yorkshire, and “together” with our area CRC, the Interserve led Purple Futures, we will change lives, reduce crime and the number of victims and lessen the burden on the economy.