Tempus Novo

This week we had Mark with some major issues to deal with. He found out his mother has terminal cancer and as you can imagine it has knocked him for 6. Unfortunately Mark is a former drug addict, and as is often the case when trying to deal with such pressures he relapsed, struggling to cope with the thought of losing his mum.

TN tried and tried to help him to get through this by speaking to his employer and drug support worker, and everyone was working towards the best outcome. Mark himself said he wasn’t using drugs again and so we arranged for him to attend Forward Leeds, to be tested. He failed to attend and after lengthy discussions with his employer (who wanted to keep him on if possible) we decided it would be best if he didn’t return to work.

Thanks to the amazing work of Marks caseworker Paul, we still have a good working relationship with the employer and have another service user going for interview.

Another example of just how personal, bespoke and sustainable are all at the heart of everything we do at Tempus Novo.