Tempus Novo

Ok so 3yrs ago when we registered Tempus Novo with the charities commission I had big plans to challenge local businesses views on hiring ex-offenders. Sitting here writing this it’s hard to take in, just how far we have come in doing just that. Something that has never in the history of mankind been attempted quite how we do it, yet now proving beyond doubt that there is a place in society and more specifically in employment, for ex-offenders.
The momentum and success of Tempus Novo is infectious, and we now have several businesses approaching us as their first option when recruiting.
This week we have 6 interviews at one company and we will also be discussing sourcing another 10 interviewees, with our business partner Beer Hawk.
If you have any doubt about our model, take a look at this productivity chart where you can see just how grateful Chris is for the opportunity to move away from crime and live a life of hard work and paying taxes.