Tempus Novo

The Rehabilitation Revolution In Yorkshire.

Several months ago Iain Sharkey (business development manager at HMP Wealstun) introduced us to Martin Rourke (Operations Manager at Beerhawk) with a view to offering serving or ex-offenders work opportunities. Since then we have had Scott, Chris and Luke all given a chance to turn their lives around through permanent employment at Beerhawks warehouse in Leeds. (Chris and his family in fact attended our 100 into employment event at Birstwith Hall recently.)

BeerHawk are owned by AB InBev who have around 400 beer brands and sold over a whopping £50Billion worth of beers in 2016.

Such is the success of the partnership, BeerHawk have now added Askham Grange to their recruitment process. Girls from Askham will be given the opportunity to apply for positions which come available both in the warehouse and offices of BeerHawk, giving them much needed hope of a future after prison.

Prison management are often criticised for their lack of vision and creativity around rehabilitation, and can be seen as risk averse. As you can see from our partnership, it isn’t the case here under the Yorkshire Prisons Group Director Paul Foweather OBE, who working in partnership with Tempus Novo are leading the way.