Tempus Novo

Having The Vision Is Where It Starts.

It’s not all bad news in the world of prison reform. Here in Yorkshire with strong support from prisons area manager Paul Foweather OBE and Dee Collins the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police , Tempus Novo goes from strength to strength.
We are extremely lucky to have Paul and Dee as our leaders in prisons and policing, as both share a passion to drive change, are open to new ideas and actively lead on rehabilitation. It is without doubt the collaborative working with Pauls teams in the Yorkshire prisons, and our sharing of information with the police which helps to provide Tempus Novo with a platform to move more and more ex-offenders into sustainable employment. Employers have the confidence and piece of mind that all of our graduates have been vetted to the highest of standards, so much so we now have reputable recruitment companies requesting our services, as we have proved beyond doubt our graduates make hard working and loyal employees!

To date : Of 120 screened by Tempus Novo 113 have been given the job after interview. (5 didn’t turn up)