Tempus Novo

Brian first engaged with Tempus Novo via his personal officer in HMP Leeds, some 6 months ago. Since then he has made a great effort in prison to prove himself as both hard working and trustworthy. Together with his probation officer Sarah we have managed his complicated transistion back in to society.

Brian is someone who has reached his late 30’s and wants an opportunity to move away from crime. He is under no illusion that to be given a chance in employment is a unique situation for someone with a criminal history as chaotic as his, but is determined to prove he is worthy of any such chance. He is typical of many offenders who have known nothing other than crime all their lives but are desperate to change.

Thanks to our corporate partner Haworth Scouring, Brian now has the chance to change his life, as he started there on the 30/9/15. His attitude and work ethic won’t be a problem, it’s purely down to whether he can stay away from old associates and build a new life and new friends.