Tempus Novo

Unbelievably Daniel took a business card from us around 18 months ago while he was serving a sentence in Leeds prison and hung on to it, as he says “for dear life”.nOn release from prison Daniel decided to sort his health and accommodation out first and so didn’t actually contact us until some 8/9 months later, although to his credit he had been doing some voluntary work to keep active and fill his days.

Then in mid September 2016 he rung Tempus Novo and came in for interview. A week later we approached our partner employer Timpson’s who it just so happens have recently expanded their business. Daniel was invited to interview on the Thursday and started his training the following Monday 23/9/16. Early indications from his boss are he is doing really well, and Daniel himself says he is loving it.nTimpson’s have been employing ex-offenders successfully for around 15 years now.