Tempus Novo
Lee at his work station.


Six weeks in to his new job and Lee started to struggle. It is a skilled position in engineering, where he makes saw blades for the construction industry and it commands a salary of £28,000.00. Paul his caseworker and mentor was aware he was finding it difficult and so arranged with Lee’s boss to go in and see if he could help. With an engineering background himself he wanted to at least go and see if there was anything he could add.

Paul went on to the shop floor with his hard hat and safety boots on and spent an afternoon assessing him. He discovered that actually because Lee had received training from two or three different supervisors, all showing him slightly different ways to do the work, he felt confused and lacked the confidence to speak out. Lee was also struggling with some of the more technical requirements for this precision work, something else Paul was able to help him with.

Two weeks on and Lee appears to be grasping it, which his employers are delighted with because he is always first to his work station,  is hardworking and is a pleasure to have around.

It makes me proud as CEO of Tempus Novo to share this with you, as it demonstrates the levels we will go to for both employer and employee in building positive relationships to make it work for both parties #sustainability #personal #relationships