Tempus Novo

Luke heard about Tempus Novo through his probation officer and decided to make contact. We met with him at the hostel he was staying in, interviewed him and introduced him to his mentor Neil.

Although it wasn’t a quick fix with regards to employment for Luke, he maintained contact with Neil and showed a good level of desire to change. In the past drink has been Luke’s downfall as it has led to crime and several prison sentences. Now with fulltime “paid” employment at a company who know about his past, and a mentor who understands and cares, he is in an incredible position to leave crime behind and start a new life, working hard, paying taxes and contributing to the local economy.

Only last week he received his first wage and commented “it felt so good to go to the bank and have money in my account”. He also said how he would like to make a donation to Tempus Novo and help the next graduate of our lifechanging programme.