Tempus Novo

Luke had an awful start in life as he was moved from care home to care home. He never had that love that most of us are fortunate to receive in our early years, and found himself hanging out with gangs in Birmingham and getting into trouble. I guess the gang was his family?nAmazingly and still only in his twenties, Luke decided to try and escape that life of crime and prisons by moving to Leeds and changing his name.

Then around mid March 2017 he came to TN for an interview. Such was his desire to change he went and volunteered for a few weeks, while we looked to place him with one of our businesses. Thankfully we managed to get him an interview with one of our latest partners Beer Hawk, where he was successful. He started there on the 10th April 2017 and has just been handed a contract, something he was proud to share with us this week.