Tempus Novo

Paul spent 9 years in prison and naturally he was really looking forward to re-joining society. Then after dozens of job applications and not even a response, it dawned on him how difficult it is for someone with a criminal conviction to be taken seriously in the world of employment.

Fortunately he was put in touch with Tempus Novo and in May 2016 he began his new life as a mainstream taxpaying citizen. Paul is a great ambassador to our charity and feedback from his employer is he is working hard and fitting in very well.

Paul really is a great example of how ex-offenders who want to work and are given a second chance, will hang on to it for dear life and show their undying appreciation by being loyal and hardworking.

Only last week Paul attended our charity launch at Eversheds Solicitors in Leeds, where he shared his story with a spellbound audience, made up of prison governors, police officers, prison officers, probation, Judges and many more.