Tempus Novo

Interestingly Stephen was referred to us by another ex-offender we worked with Gary Sharpe. Stephen made contact and came along to meet Val and I in a bid to persuade us he was worth our time and worthy of becoming a Tempus Novo ambassador. He interviewed well and we managed to secure an interview for him at KTSwire of Morley. That also went very well and he started fulltime, paid employment in July 2015.

Stephen has served several prison sentences and now at 38 years of age and with a young family to support, he has decided he wants to be able to do this without the police knocking on the door. It should not be underestimated just what an incredible opportunity this is at KTSwire, for him to change his life and become a positive role model for his children.

Update 28/5/17 Unfortunately Stephen is now back in prison. He had an argument with his wife, was kicked out of the family home and ended up staying with a friend and drug user. Many weeks of support from ourselves and his employer delayed the inevitable, but due to the instability in his life and not seeing his kids, he eventually succumbed to drugs.