Tempus Novo

We first met Tony while he was serving his sentence in HMP Wealstun around 12months ago. It was when we were looking for an offender representative who could “headhunt” some likely candidates for Tempus Novo, and Tony agreed to be our man. At the same time we discussed with Tony how we would help him to find employment when he was released. In-between times Tony transferred to a lower risk prison HMP Hatfield, where he continued to work on our behalf and spread the news of our service.

Eventually and some 12 months after we first met, he was released from prison and made a call to our offices, a call which could help to change his life for the better. Tony thought because of his work history prior to prison he would find employment quite easily? He soon found this is not the reality with a conviction! Fortunately within 6 weeks of his release we secured him an interview with our partner Clipper in Leeds. He was successful at interview and has now been there 4 weeks, with feedback from his manager suggesting he has the ability to become a team leader!!