Tempus Novo

Wayne’s story is a great example of the barriers people with convictions face, when applying for jobs in the UK. Then if given a chance just how hard working and loyal they can be.

He had been attending the job centre 4 days a week, 4 hours a day and applying for around 20 jobs every week, over a 2 year period with not a single response.

Then in January 2019 his work coach at the job centre heard about Tempus Novo and referred Wayne for assessment. He was assessed by Team TN mid January and started at the amazing Clipper plc in the February. Out of 140 workers in his team at Clipper he is consistently in the top 10 performers, such is his appreciation of the opportunity and he is determined to maintain this.

At 38yrs old Wayne thought he was destined never to work again, but thanks to his work coach he now has a purpose in life and is so grateful. Although he had managed to desist from crime without a job, in his own words, had he have continued on benefits and with no purpose much longer, then it was only a matter of time before circumstances would have meant he returned to crime.