Tempus Novo

Benefits to you of working with Tempus Novo:

  • It is a FREE service.
  • Includes a guided tour of HMP Leeds, a Victorian jail built in 1847.
  • ALL candidates are expertly “risk assessed” including their Police, Probation and if appropriate Prison history. Our checks are comprehensive and because of this the employer knows more about the candidate than if hired using the more conventional methods. 
  • Some of our candidates have in fact NEVER been to prison, but do have minor convictions which attract a community order.
  • We offer a bespoke service to fit in with your business needs.
  • What many of our employers are finding by working with this client group, is they often turn out to be their most hard working and loyal employees.
  • Every successful candidate has a support package for a minimum of 6 months. This is provided by the same mentor throughout to offer a seamless support network. This same person also provides support to the company.
  • Working with us usually fits with a company’s corporate social responsibility policy.
  • A unique recruitment method to reduce the impact of Brexit.

If like the 40 local businesses already working with us, you would like to explore a new way of recruiting good staff, then get in touch!

We work with “low risk” offenders who have passed our unique risk assessment. This includes detailed information on their past offences, as recorded on Police, Probation (and if relevant) Prison systems. This level of scrutiny means you know everything about the candidate before you make any commitment, and certainly far more than your current systems offer.

We DO NOT work with sex offenders or arsonists as we place a big emphasis on protecting your companies good reputation. 

Many of our candidates are so grateful to the employer for an opportunity, they often turn out to be the most loyal and hardworking.

As a not for profit organisation Tempus Novo can focus on quality and we back this up by offering a bespoke package of support.This includes a caseworker who will act as mentor and single point of contact for both the employer and employee for a minimum of 6 months. In actual fact when you listen to our existing business partners, there is less risk working with our candidates because you know everything about them.

What Employers are saying about Tempus Novo…


“Beerhawk are a keen supporter of Tempus Novo and their initiative. I have to say the graduates’ work ethic, how they have integrated and fitted in with the team is first rate. It bodes really well for the future and we will continue to take on willing graduates.” Martin Rourke – Beerhawk

 “Just to say  a big thank you, your selection of candidates is excellent and they all came across with great enthusiasm to get back into a working environment  and was a pleasure to see. Looking forward to the next ones. Thanks & Regards Mick “ Mick Stead  –  General Manager Clipper Logistics PLC

“What Steve and Val have created at Tempus Novo is truly remarkable, it really does change lives! Taking on graduates and seeing them succeed and blossom is incredibly fulfilling, both for me personally and for our business. Long may it continue.” Chris Hudson – DIrector Weekly-Pay Carpets

“It’s been a privilege to be part of Tempus Novo and an opportunity we have embraced at HB. Having taken on a graduate and seen them grow in confidence and ability with our guidance and support is both rewarding and gratifying. It does change lives and seeing it happen makes me really proud. Many just need an opportunity to which we will continue to offer and support.” Darren Hamer – HB Projects Ltd

“Since partnering with Tempus Novo there hasn’t been a downside, as we now have a new stream of people to recruit from. The TN graduates are so grateful for the chance of fulltime well paid employment, that they work hard and this is having a positive impact both on our productivity and other colleagues.” Kevin Dooley – Operations Director Nationwide Window Cleaning Services

        “I first got involved with Tempus Novo about 12 months ago and it’s been a huge education for me. I met Val who arranged to take me on a tour around Armley prison. It was a real eye-opener; I won’t ever forget it. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people coming up to me and talking about wanting to get out and be good citizens. Clipper is a huge employer and it delivers to many high profile companies on dozens of sites all over the country. What’s right for us has to be right for our clients too. When we presented the idea to our corporate partners, we received a resounding ‘go for it’. We focussed on recruiting Tempus Novo clients to one particular site in our operation and to date, we’ve recruited over 20 people, 6 of whom have been with us for over 9 months. At one of our sites, we have 10 former offenders who’ve been released on temporary license and they’re doing really well. We are currently interviewing more former offenders for posts within Clipper and very much see our relationship with Tempus Novo as a long term one. Because of the amount of support and pastoral care that ex-offenders receive from Tempus Novo, it makes an HR Manager’s job easy. Between our internal monitoring systems and the Tempus Novo case workers, we ensure that the workers are properly supported and engaged. This includes literacy and numeracy support. When you give someone a second chance, the impact is amazing. They’re grateful, humble and hardworking. In fact, former offenders are some of our best workers. We’ve seen first hand at Clipper that employment gives people the opportunity to escape from the vicious cycle of crime and re-offending. More than that even, it gives formerly marginalised people a daily routine, real purpose and future hope. A University of Manchester study estimated that there are 11 million marginalised people in the UK. This number includes people with disabilities, physical or mental illness, older people and former offenders. At Clipper, I have established a programme called Fresh Start as part of our Corporate and Social Responsibility Programme. It focuses on giving employment to marginalised people in partnership with various charities including Tempus Novo. Working with Tempus Novo and former offenders has completely changed my outlook. It’s eroded some conscious and, no doubt unconscious, biases. Prior to my engagement with Tempus Novo, I never would have thought that former offenders were a pool of workers I could go to for some of my labour. What would I say to others who were thinking of employing former offenders? I’d say come to Clipper and have a look. Let us show you what’s happening here. Talk to our managers about your concerns and allay them by seeing the many success stories.” Richard Cowlishaw, Group HR Director, Clipper Logistics

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