100 Reasons to Celebrate!

This week the Tempus Novo team celebrated their 100th ex-offender to be placed into sustainable employment in 2018!

However this is much more than just celebrating 100 lives changed, it is ground breaking work and for many reasons. To think we now have businesses approaching us, is in itself a huge achievement. Six years ago when we were starting out with the idea of TN, had you have told me this would be the case I’d have had you breathalysed, such was the enormity of the task ahead.

However we have stuck to what know, despite approaches by bigger organisations with funding to partner them, we always felt we would be pulled in a different direction and possibly lose our identity. We are very much purpose over profit and quality over quantity, ensuring as much time as possible goes into the human support element of the model.

From a standing start we now have 245 ex-offenders placed into employment and upwards of 40 employers who have done so already or are now willing to give one of our service users an interview. 98% of those going to interview got the job!

100 Reasons to Celebrate!