A letter from Tony at Nationwide Window Cleaning (NWC)

A letter from Tony . 06/08/2018

“Firstly, I would like to thank Paul, Val, Steve and the rest of the Tempus Novo team for your support in helping me back into employment since leaving custody. But not only for getting me  back into employment but having the faith to put me forward for Nationwide Windows.

On leaving custody, I couldn’t find a job, in fact I went for an interview at Tesco to be a delivery driver, to which they said I was the best candidate they had through the door that day.  But guess what?  Because of my conviction, I didn’t get the job.  So, someone less able than me would have got it.

Does that make any sense?

Now, because of the brilliant work you guys do at Tempus Novo, I am doing a job I enjoy, earning good money and I even have a works van – so thank you! If ever there was an example of having it all, then bang!  It’s all gone then isn’t it!

Before custody, I had it all, good job, good money, lovely home, two cars (one for Mrs) – life was good.

Then I go on a night out and throw one single punch in anger and my whole family’s life is turned upside down.

Me and Paul go way back, as he worked for Catch 22 when I first went to Armley Jail, he helped me sort out my debt issues. I won’t go into detail about my time in custody because it has gone.  It’s a time in my life I wish to forget.

For me, what’s been more important has been my journey since leaving custody and the challenges I faced.  Without any shadow of a doubt, Tempus Novo saved me from having to sign-on, feel worthless, no self-esteem, no self-respect, no pride and feeling like the worst dad in the world because I couldn’t provide for my kids like I used to.

I will always remember the 4th December 2017, because that was the day Tempus Novo got me a job at Clipper Logistics.  Christmas was just around the corner, I was awake at night thinking how on earth I was going to pay for my children’s Christmas presents.  I was low, let me tell you.

Then Paul contacted me to tell me of a job opportunity at Clipper and ask if I was interested.  Well obviously I was, and that’s where my journey back into employment started.

I suddenly woke up with a purpose in life, I was able to say something that is so simple in life, yet so satisfying to my family – I’m going to work!

I did my graft at Clipper, I looked at it as a starting point.

Paul, Val and Steve constantly told me it was only the start.  I had no reason to doubt them.  But I had to keep my side of the bargain, work bloody hard!

Fast-forward 9 months and a job became available at Nationwide Windows.  I jumped at the chance because I knew Tempus Novo had the faith that I would succeed.

As a proud man I wanted to make it work at Nationwide Windows, not only for myself, but for Tempus Novo. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without the support of Tempus Novo.

So, if anyone is reading this letter that has been in a similar journey to me, keep out of trouble, stay positive, work hard and appreciate what you’ve got because with all I’ve just said, doors will open.  I’m proof of that! Nobody owes us anything, you have to do this and make it work for yourself.

So, once again, I want to say a massive thank you, not only from me, but my family, because you guys have helped us all, not just me.”

Download Tony’s letter here.

A Massive thank you to Nationwide Window Cleaning (NWC) for supporting Tempus Novo and our Graduates.