Clipper plc “walk the walk” on corporate social responsibility.

Group HR Director Richard Cowlishaw and his team really do lead from the front, when it comes to supporting local communities.

Since partnering Clipper plc 9 months ago they have interviewed 20 ex offenders for full time positions in their company. 18 were given jobs and therefore 18 people have moved away from a life of crime and poverty.

The impact of this is staggering as word spreads and we are now seeing their family members (also local criminals) approaching Tempus Novo for help.Proving beyond doubt that given a way out, there are constantly many people with convictions out there (or in prison) who will take it.A job is so much more than a wage.It gives the individual self respect,confidence,a feeling of belonging and importantly the opportunity to act as a positive role model to their children.The change truly is inter generational and we have evidence of that with a few of our graduates.

Thank you to Steve Parkin Executive Chairman and Richard Cowlishaw HR Group Director for leading on this truly innovative and life changing partnership.

The model could and should be the blueprint for a change in policy across the UK.