Local businessman colludes in prisoners escaping.

Executive Chairman Steve Parkin who built the £340M Clipper plc with a business model designed to “challenge the status quo” adopts that same thinking to recruitment.

At the beginning of July 2018 our partnership with Clipper plc expanded to the south of the country, and we now have 5 employees working at their Northampton site. Initial feedback is encouraging as all 5 are doing really well. This is a slightly different model to our normal way of working and together with HMP Spring Hill and Clipper we are collaborating on a pilot where the men attend from prison every day and return at the end of a hard days work. 

This is the Ministry of Justice scheme known as ROTL or (release on temporary license) and historically it has been very successful right across the category D prison estate. The difference here is that we will continue with our support for the employees on their release from prison, should they continue at Clipper in full time employment.


Huge thanks to Steve, Richard Cowlishaw Group HR Director at Clipper plc and HMP Spring Hill staff for quite literally helping to change lives. Employment (for those who want to change) is by far the best opportunity an ex-offender can be given to successfully rehabilitate, and this programme is giving them the chance to “escape that hopeless life of crime and prison.”