Relationships are prioritised over process.

This week we received the news that not only has Lee approached Tempus Novo to help him, but so have two of his family members.

Lee came to us as a former offender caught in the cycle of crime, and surrounded by negative influences. However now working part time at Macdonalds, he was clearly someone with motivation and a good work ethic, he just needed someone to believe in him and help him in to sustainable employment. I’m so pleased he listened to his probation officer and came in for assessment. Since then we have managed to introduce him to Kevin (Operations Director at Nationwide Window Cleaning) and Kevin has agreed to offer him a position in their business as soon as one becomes available.

This will give Lee the security he has been looking for, a full time “well paid” job with his own vehicle and the opportunity to progress further.No wonder his two cousins (both well known offenders) have come knocking on our door for help.None of this would be possible of course without a team of dedicated caseworkers,who go “the extra mile” to make it happen,and develop strong meaningful relationships on which any level of success depends. That relationship with wraparound support personalised to their needs is key to our model, and it is producing a wave of positivity and belief amongst an otherwise hopeless sector in society.