Rewiring Rehabilitation.

This week we attended the launch of a report by the team at Crest Advisory.

Sitting amongst distinguished guests the likes of Lord Ramsbotham, Professor Nick Hardwick and Harvey Redgrave was quite something and for Tempus Novo to be used as a case study in the report shows the level of interest in our rehabilitation model!

To get a special mention in the foreword from a man of great integrity was truly humbling:

“I know a little of the work of Tempus Novo, one of the organisations used as an example in this report. It exemplifies the change of approach required. It works with prisoners the system has often given up on, men in their 30s and 40s, often with a long record of offending but who have reached the point where they do want to change. Tempus Novo uses the powers of sustained relationships with the men it works with, and with potential small and medium sized employers to help ex-prisoners into secure employment. It’s just one example – but it shows what can be done.”   

Professor Nick Hardwick.

For the full report click on the link:

The recommendations in the report are very similar to those in a report that our president Jonathan Aitken wrote back in 2010 titled “Locked Up Potential”:

Devolving responsibility and budgets to a local level via Police and crime commissioners.

Putting the relationship between the offender and caseworker at the heart of this work, in prisons and in the community.

A bottom up approach is what works best and we have evidence of that. Finally it is with thanks to organisations like Crest, I think we now have the traction to build on our work and implement more of their recommendations. Together with our Police and crime commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshires Police Chief Constable Dee Collins CBE, Head of Yorkshire Prisons Group Paul Foweather OBE, Head of Probation and our Employer partners I am confident we can run a successful government pilot which will challenge the status quo and potentially societies attitude to people who go through the Tempus Novo “risk assessment” with convictions!