Yorkshires Prison Population The Lowest In Decades!

Imagine seeing this as a newsflash? Here at Tempus Novo that’s precisely what we see, as our vision for more ex offenders in to employment is realised.

In 2016 our co-founders were working in HMP Leeds where the average wing holds 200 men.

You couldn’t have imagined back then that 200 offenders (enough to fill C wing in HMP Leeds) would go on to find full time sustainable employment through Tempus Novo. Even more incredible is the number of local businesses supporting our model.

Having just surpassed the TWO HUNDRED (200) mark we can confidently say the model works and the impact is significant, and here are just a few examples of why:

  • 200 less offenders is 200 less in prison and 200 is the population of a large wing at Leeds prison.

Additional Impact:

  • 200 less offending and in work is 200 partners or wives with their husband at home to support the family.
  • 200 less offending and in work is likely 400 children with a father at home and a positive role model to aspire to.
  • 200 less offenders active in crime is (assuming only one offence per person) 200 less victims of crime.
  • 200 less offending and in work is 200 less in poverty.
  • 200 less offending and in work is 200 less dependant on the state.

All in all the social and economical impact of TN is difficult to accurately quantify,but what we can say is it changes lives and improves communities.